Snacking occasions are evolving. In the office, at home or on-the-go, consumers are increasingly looking for foods that can suit their needs.

Thanks to the increased awareness around health and the growing wellness trend, when it comes to food shopping, consumers are making more considered and intelligent choices about the items they buy.

Many are looking for healthier versions of their favourite snacks, which is helping to drive innovation in the snacking sector.

Snacking is one of the key reasons why people buy products in the Kallø portfolio.

Hayley Murgett, Kallø brand controller at Wessanen UK, talks to us about innovations in the category and the simple snack swaps with fewer calories.

“To keep the category fresh there have been lots of innovations to maintain consumer interest. Not satisfied with conventional or plain flavours, snackers are becoming more adventurous and bold in their choices with 53% of consumers stating that they are prompted to try new snacks when they see something new (source: Mintel March 2017). Consumers are looking beyond standard flavours like Ready Salted and Cheese and Onion towards new and different flavours like Wasabi and Himalyan Pink Salt.

We understand that consumers want to see more exciting flavours – particularly in the crisp aisle –  so we launched our healthy new Kallø Popped Snacks in four premium flavours that offer an exciting twist on conventional tastes.Consumers are starting to make more considered, intelligent choices about food and as such seek more nutritional products that offer both portion and calorie control to help them eat more positively throughout the day. Not only are they looking for products that are low in sugar, calories and fat, they also seek ones that are high in proteins, vitamins and minerals to support a healthier lifestyle.

To help give people inspiration on how they can introduce healthier choices into their day, we’ve been showing them how a dull sandwich lunch can be refreshed by swapping the bread for a deliciously topped Kallø rice cake or a sugary biscuit break can be transformed with a chocolate-topped rice cake thin.

Kallø’s Belgian chocolate topped rice cake thins offer a sweet pick-me-up with fewer calories and are available in both a dark and milk chocolate version. At only 54 calories per thin, they have been particularly well received with consumers looking for a healthier alternative to a biscuit or chocolate flap jack.

Made with simple ingredients, no artifical ingredients, and with fewer calories these simple swaps are an easy way to shake up your snacking routine.”


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