Our Approach

At Wessanen, we believe how we work is just as important as what we make and sell.

We take a natural approach to business, which means we’re open, honest, fair and responsible – with everyone we work with.

And we’re pioneers at heart – always exploring ways we can improve our products, our people and our processes.


These are the 6 values we live by:

1. People at the heart

• Give and gain recognition and reward for initiative and excellence

• Feel inspired and energised by our work, our colleagues and our workplace

• Be respectful of each other and our impact on the environment

2. Product Excellence

• Make healthy food more interesting and accessible for everyone

• Embrace the use of clean ingredients from nutritious and ethical sources

• Be ‘game-changing’ in the way we make our products and market our brands

3. Customer Commitment

• Respond to customer needs with care and integrity

• Be highly professional in all dealings with customers

• Add value across categories with our must-stock brands

4. Supplier Collaboration

• Build close, collaborative relationships with suppliers

• Be a respected and trusted business partner to suppliers

• Gain best service and value by being an exemplary customer

5. Restless Innovation

• Constantly track and tap into new trends in cooking, nutrition and flavour

• Learn from others through information exchange and partnerships

• Explore new concepts through open idea generation

6. Culture of Challenge

• Challenge ourselves to go that bit further in everything we do

• Be curious about change, and open to alternatives

• Question, listen and share ideas through constructive discussion

Our Senior Team

Patrick Cairns


Gill Green

Marketing Director

Alan Bird

Commercial Director

Ann Chambers

HR Director

Jason Boxer

Financial Director

Angela O'Donovan

Sustainability Director