They say the British empire was built on cups of tea, however the average Brit endures a staggering 9,828 “disappointing” cups of tea in their lifetime – nearly 10% of total cups – according to a new survey carried out by Clipper Teas ahead of National Tea Day on Saturday.

Whilst those in Belfast and Bristol drink the most cups of tea (an average of almost 5 cups a day), it is people in Cambridge who suffer the most disappointing cups of tea with 37.5% of their weekly cups being underrated.

People living in London and Cardiff take their tea drinking most seriously; Serve them a cup of substandard tea and they will stew about it for an average of almost 10 minutes.  In contrast, should people in Liverpool be presented a tea which is not to their taste they will forgive and forget in less than 3 minutes.  Southerners appear not to be so mild mannered when it comes to their cup of Rosie Lee – Londoners admit to being genuinely insulted by an undrinkable cup nearly three times a week and 12.5% of people living in Oxford would be positively angry if you served them a cup of tea they didn’t like.

As a nation we take our cups of tea so seriously, that 12% said they would rather be sworn at than receive a disappointing brew – and one in ten felt someone forgetting your birthday was less insulting than someone presenting you with a poor-quality beverage.  Three quarters felt that how someone makes your tea (or how badly they make it!) is a solid indication of how well they really know you and one in twenty say their day is totally ruined if it starts with a bad cup of tea.

The biggest tea related grumble the nation has is if it is too weak (36%), and nearly one in twenty throw a wobbler if tea isn’t served with a biscuit to accompany it.

Adele Ward, Brand Controller at Clipper said:

This survey reveals what we’ve always known about Great Britain: we’re a nation of tea lovers who care how our tea is made! At Clipper we’re dedicated to creating tea that’s always full of flavour whilst using all-natural, organic ingredients and working fairly with all our partners (a clear conscience tastes good too!). We think there’s no excuse for disappointing those you care about, and brewing the perfect cup for them is easy if you stick to these 10 simple rules