Wessanen UK’s charity partner, the International Tree Foundation, has been selected to be one of a few charities championed in the BBC Radio 4 Appeal.

A weekly programme reaching an average of 1.2m listeners, the BBC Radio 4 Appeal highlights the important work of a charity and appeals for donations.

This presents a wonderful opportunity to raise public awareness and drum up more support for the 20 Million Trees for Kenya’s Forests campaign, which we are very proud to be involved in.

The first appeal will be on air from Sunday 10th June and will be presented by Benjamin Zephaniah, renowned British poet, performer and activist.

Self-confessed ‘tree hugger, Benjamin Zephaniah, is a long-standing advocate for environment, human and animal rights and has spoken publicly and online about environmental issues.

The Appeal tells the story of Anastacia, a 45-year-old farmer and single mother of four who works a small plot of land on the slopes of Mount Kenya.

Anastacia is one of hundreds of farmers who receives support through ITF’s 20 Million Trees campaign to plant trees in the forest and on their farms.

The Appeal will be broadcast on Radio 4 at the following times:

  • Sunday 10 June 7:55am
  • Sunday 10 June 9:26pm
  • Thursday 14 June 3:27pm

From Sunday 10th June you can listen online on the BBC website.

To find out more about the Appeal please visit, http://internationaltreefoundation.org/radio4appeal/

As part of the 20 Million Trees campaign, we provide a Sustainable Community Forestry grant for select groups in Kenya to go towards the development of specific projects within their respective communities. Please click here for the latest update from the programme.