The seventh annual Wessanen Organic Day took place on Friday 21st September, with the aim of developing awareness and knowledge across our business on key organic topics and trends.

Organic Day is a unique shared event here at Wessanen, and this year 10 locations across Europe took part, including our head office in Surrey and a live stream to our tea production centre in Dorset.

The central topic for this year was biomimicry – the science of learning from nature – and how this can inspire us in all that we do.

Exploring our common purpose of Connecting to Nature in greater depth, our teams learned about new technologies, new designs and new organisations with nature at their heart, in what proved to be a great day for raising our knowledge and understanding of the possibilities that nature holds.

A key aim for the day was to challenge all of our team to channel the mindset of looking at nature as a source of inspiration in both our daily life and throughout all of our work.

Two expert speakers led sessions on the day that generated plenty of positive discussion. Award-winning designer and business consultant Richard MacCowan – bringing experience from many sectors ranging from water infrastructure, urban development, manufacturing and product design –was joined by Will Lawson, a naturalist with expertise in wildlife film making for the BBC.

“This year’s Organic Day was well received and our participants were especially engaged by the speakers’ insight on biomimicry in action, including the focus on plastic,” says Cristina Ramsay, Technical and CSR Director at Wessanen UK.

“Break out activities helped engage everyone in developing links between what they learned in the presentations and our business. It was particularly interesting to see how the two presenters utilised the wider Wessanen Connecting to Nature vision within a biomimicry context.”

Challenging quizzes and organic debates added to an insightful day, capped off by a vegetarian and – of course – organic lunch that was enjoyed by all.